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Rosanne Ellis, Insurance

"protecting what matters"

a bit of history...

 a long journey to get to this point ... but a lot of laughs along the way!

Announcement and interview...

Rosanne Ellis would like to announce that she will be selling and servicing a variety of insurance products such as Auto, Home, Farm, Recreational and Commercial from her home in Havelock to clients in Havelock and the surrounding areas.

Insurance Sales is not new for Rosanne and she is going back to her roots, so to speak. Her sales career started very early in her life when she was a field underwriter for Co-operators working out of her home in Havelock. She later worked in Sales when she was at Bullock Insurance in Norwood and later at Newman, Oliver & McCarten Insurance from the Madoc office.

Thinking back to her Co-operators days, Rosanne reminisced that she enjoyed going out to people’s homes, business and farms and writing up their policies right at the kitchen table. “I would leave them with their policy booklet after going over all of their coverages and exclusions. They would take me all through their house and property to show me everything. 

People are proud of their homes and farms and they want their insurance broker to see and know what is being insured. I always made sure I had rubber boots in the trunk for my farm clients and I had to wear them plenty of times too! “

Rosanne says Insurance seemed to be much simpler then. “It’s changed so much nowadays with the TV and mailbox is full of ads like, ‘go on line and get your quote in just 10 minutes’. Also, many places now want to email an application to sign and scan back and many people are not comfortable with doing that.”

Rosanne says she knows many people who still don’t own a computer and if they do own one, they are not comfortable using it. Rosanne plans to be very service oriented going out to people’s homes, “just like the old days”. She plans to focus her attention on the many folks who are really missing the personal service of sitting around the kitchen table without any computers. She hopes they will really appreciate her personal approach.

Rosanne is sure there will be plenty of people who will just want to call in and get their insurance over the phone and use computers and email, and she will be happy to help those folks too, of course.

Rosanne has been licensed for over 36 years and has taken numerous courses and seminars in all of the different lines of insurance. However, she always wanted to open her own brokerage so in 2002 she obtained her Level 2 Ribo license which would allow her to be able to do so. Shortly thereafter, however, she went to work for Newman, Oliver & McCarten Insurance doing nearly every job there was to do and ending up in Management.

However, after a battle with breast cancer and some time off she has decided to do the next best thing to having her own brokerage and is now working from home. 

As a Sales Representative for Aim Insurance Brokers Ltd., Rosanne now has the office of her own that she has always dreamed of with many Insurance Companies to choose from including Aviva, Intact, Wawanesa, Travelers Canada - Dominion of Canada, Optimum, Coachman, Commonwell Mutual and many more along with a wide variety of insurance products to offer to her clients.

Rosanne’s daughter Erin, who is also licensed to sell insurance, will be helping Rosanne in the business. Rosanne has worked with her daughter for many years in the insurance business.  Erin started out in Grade 11 helping after school at Bullock Insurance.  After College Erin worked at Newman, Oliver & McCarten Insurance and obtained her Ribo license and then later worked at KPL Insurance Rates.

Rosanne and her daughter do everything together and they make a good team.

Rosanne and Erin look forward to speaking with you and .... as their tagline says ...  “protecting what matters” ... to  you.

They can be reached by calling 705-778-1842 (landline) or by email at [email protected].